Wednesday, October 22

"Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3"


HAHAHA okay I feel so relieve that my big exam this year has just ended. Peacefully. Well not really peaceful and I shouldn't feel relieve yet because the questions was so damn hard and high-order-thinking-skills especially Science.

But as my mom said, the past is in the past, no need to look back now. So I just let them go. 

During the exam -wait no the principal said no more exam. It's assessment. Though I saw it as harassment for the kids. It's my brain don't question it- we were, like, being forced to squeeze our brain till the very last knowledge to come out. I totally screwed on Science and Mathematics. Both important subjects if I were to study in the science stream. And I've already got my eyes on science classes only. 

So that we finally finish our assessment, now we've got nothing to do. Totally.
The teachers are so busy checking our marks -as the system now change, the teachers teaching us would be the one who check our papers- with those shockingly superstrict marking scheme. I don't know what the fate of our future would be like. It seems dim and hazy and we're depending on the teachers' -and the government's- mercy right now.

Now I'm counting for days to get the result. I beg you, please, pray for my best.

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