Sunday, January 19

The Lifeless Correction Tape

Assalamualaikum and good night (it's already midnight).

Aku sedang khusyuk buat kerja sekolah tadi. And then I made some mistakes so I reached for my correction tape that was in my pencil box. As soon as I got a hold of it, I remembered what my teacher, Cikgu Razak, said about the correction tape/pen, when we (the form 3-ers) were having some short-orientation last Friday.

He said that the correction tapes/pens are supposed to be banned from school /well, IT IS BANNED, actually/ It is because of the misbehavior of some idiotic students who used the correction pens (mostly) to 'decorate' the school wall and desks and doors. /I know I'm harsh for saying those humans as idiots but I just can't help it. I'm pissed off/

Okay, that reason is acceptable. I agreed with him. Most of our students are/were so problematic. Noted : most, not all. Don't get offended by my words. I love my school. So the correction pens/tape SHOULD be banned to prevent those 'artists' from making our school as their own canvas.

Then he continued, 'You bring these (referring to the correction tapes/pens) to school, showing like you guys are willing to make mistakes.'

Okay ayat berterabur. This is his real speech:
'Membawa correction pens/liquid paper ke sekolah menunjukkan seolah-olah kamu sudah bersedia untuk melakukan kesalahan.'
(I make a direct translation LOL) 

When I first heard it, my thought was like 'Ohh~ he's right! We're like always ready to make mistakes.'
I agreed with him.

After the program finished, we went to the sewing room (girls only) as we had khb right after the program.
In the sewing room, we were making some notes.

As I was too engrossed in writing notes, my hand went nut (lol). I misspelled some words. As usual I reached out for my correction tape. Then, I realized that our khb teacher is one of the discipline teachers in our school. I took a quick glance to her and quietly took the correction tape and erased my mistakes just like ninjas. Fast and silent. I bet the teacher didn't noticed my shadowy skill (haha).

Then, I thought to myself. Supposed the teacher found out that I brought the correction tape, will I be punished or they'll just gonna take my correction tape? But I did nothing wrong. I'm just cleaning up my mistakes I made while writing. I'm not 'decorating' the desk /I'm a good student, you know. Heh/

Then I started to think about what Cikgu Razak said. I had slightly disagree with him that moment. I wrote out something in my note book. Here's what I wrote:
Aku bawa correction tape ke sekolah bukan kerana aku bersedia melakukan kesalahan. Sebaliknya, aku bersedia untuk memperbetulkan kesalahan yang bakal aku dilakukan, because I'm not perfect, I make mistakes too. Aku bersedia untuk memadam kesilapanku dan menulis apa yang sepatutnya aku tulis.
Okay. This thought was only for me. I mean, it's not suitable to use to defend those 'artists' I mentioned earlier. This is only my thought. I agreed to what the teacher said, but I also had my own opinion. Clear? Okay. I'm gonna sleep now. I started writing these, like, 12 a.m. until now, 01:27 a.m.